Razer Driver Download Windows & Mac

Razer Driver Download For Windows & Mac. Razer Synapse is a configuration utility designed to work exclusively with the Razer peripheral lineup, dedicated mice, keyboards, mousepads, headsets, and speakers. This allows the user to determine the appropriate function for the buttons/buttons to facilitate in-game or general computing actions. 

Razer Synapse 3 Download For Windows & Mac

Razer Driver Download

With the presence of advanced technology, many people across the world tend to spend their free time playing video games rather than playing real game outsides. Playing game is more than an entertainment activity when you have advanced game equipment. By using the advanced gadget, you can experience a wonderful journey through your favorite game. Razer Synapse 3 Download is available for Windows and also Mac to make your gaming experience more wonderful.

Knowing About Razer Synapse 3

Razer Synapse 3 Download is software that you can use to configure and design your hardware from the Razer line-up. Razer Synapse was firstly released in 2011 and now they have the third version as the newest one. By using Razer download, you will be able to set key binds on your devices including light keyboard and mouse.

Razer Synapse 2.0 is our integrated cloud-based configuration software that allows you to change controls or assign macros to your Razer hardware and save all your settings automatically to the cloud. There is no more tedious device configuration when you arrive at a LAN party or tournament because you can pull it from the cloud, and get ownership right away.

Razer Synapse Dashboard and Modules

The Synapse Dashboard Modules will provide you with numerous features you can add to your device.  Here are some of the modules available you can install and apply to your device.

  1. Chroma Studios

The first module you can enjoy is Chroma Studio. Chroma Studios will allow you to take control of the lighting of your Razer hardware and peripherals. Operating your Razer device while playing a game will be a wonderful experience because your devices are lightning.

  1. Macro

This module gives many benefits for you, especially when you are a gamer. The macro allows you to manage and set up the sequences on your keyboard which is very beneficial when you are playing a game. Besides, Razer Synapse 3 Download allows you to easily create some complex keystrokes that will be very helpful for you while playing a game.

How to define a macro in Razer Synapse 3

  1. Plug your Razer Synapse 3-enabled product into your computer.
  2. Open Razer Synapses 3.
  3. Select the device you want to assign a macro to by clicking “MACRO”.
  4. Click on the key you want to assign a macro to.
  5. Select “MACRO” from the left column that appears.
  6. Under “ASSIGN MACRO”, select the macro you want to assign from the dropdown menu.
  7. Select the option you want under “Playback Options” if you want to play the macro more than once per keypress.
  8. Click “SAVE”.

Razer Synapse 3 Download Windows

File : Razer Synapse 3

Link : Download

Razer Synapse 3 Download Mac

File : Razer Synapse 3

Link : Download

Razer Synapse 2.0 Download Windows

File : Razer Synapse 2.0

Link : Download

Razer Synapse 2.0 Download Mac

File : Razer Synapse 2.0

Link : Download

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