Razer Kraken Mobile Software Download

Razer Kraken Mobile Software Download

Razer Kraken Mobile Software, Setup, Manual & Drivers. The Kraken Mobile Released as part of the special Neon series, the Razer Kraken Mobile Gaming Headset that I have with me today is designed to be your playmate, working as a practical accessory to connect primarily to Apple iOS devices. Designed to give you seamless iOS integration, Razer has released this headset series in several wild color schemes to meet a wider audience.

Razer Kraken Mobile Software Download

The way the design and color are not for the coward, so if you are looking for something that will blend, you should be on your child’s path. Strangely, this is a headphone designed to work with iOS devices even though Razer is a company that has strong roots in the PC world. However, you can buy an Android accessory package, so don’t panic first. The cable can be removed, so you can remove or exchange it for whatever device you are using. These are all fairly standard, but users looking items at this price point.

Razer Kraken Mobile Software. Kraken Mobile is striking, but they also produce sound, functionality, and durability, unlike many of their competitors at the same price point. These headphones are designed for someone with a very active lifestyle and will survive many folds and slamming bags. This microphone is designed to take sound in an omnidirectional format, which then provides a standard frequency response of 100 – 10,000Hz and sensitivity of -42 +/- 3dB. The in-line control unit carries various functions including the actual microphone, mute sound, song jump, and volume adjustment.

Kraken Mobile has a removable cable that includes an inline microphone and volume control to control your device without having to take it out of your pocket. This is well positioned for this function and is very useful when exercising or doing other things that make it difficult to access the cellphone. But there is one big problem: the cable is included only for iOS devices.

The Razer Kraken Mobile presents reliable performance for the middle-class market. There is no virtual surround sound but it’s not really an offer here, it’s a universal headphone for those who want a unit that can handle everything. The sound is likely to be satisfactory across the board, can have bass and settle well in the middle and highest. This is not an audiophile headphone by any stretch, but it will easily satisfy typical music fans who want a reliable multipurpose sound.

Razer Kraken Mobile Software. The main difference is the removable and remote cable in-line microphone certified for Apple iOS. A separate cable made specifically for Android users will be released through the RazerStore later this year. The Kraken cellphone also comes in 6 Neon colors. In addition, Kraken Mobile still maintains the same popular features of the other Kraken series – lightweight, easy to carry, durability & 40mm neodymium drivers.

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OS CompatibleHow to set upDriver Download

Windows 10, 8.x (32/64-bit), 7 (32/64-bit), Vista (32/64-bit) XP SP3 (32-bit), XP Professional x64 Edition (64-bit), Mac OS X 10.6.x-10.10. x

Razer Kraken Mobile Setup

Note. Under no circumstances should you submerge the Headsets in any liquid. Submerging the Headsets at almost any fluid will void the warranty on your computer.

  • Open Razer Synapse.
  • Select your connected Razer computer Headsets & Audio.
  • Pick the Macros menu header.
  • Strike “+” to put in a new macro.
  • Decide how you want the delay between keystrokes to be listed:
    • Record delay — Records delay after recording.
    • Default delay — Place delay utilized between keystrokes.
    • No delay — Synapse will not have some delay between keystrokes.
  • Hit listing and trigger keys at the desired sequence.
  • Select stop when you are done.
  • Pick the Keyboard menu header.
  • Select the key you would like to get utilized for your macro.
  • Choose the drop-down menu.
  • Pick”Macro.”
  • Change “assign macro” into the one that you just made.
  • Select the desired playback choice.

Razer Kraken Mobile Manual Guide Downloads

File Format Download Link
Razer Synapse Guide PDF Download

Razer Headsets Driver Download – Provide the main driver and software that you can straight download from this link below. Naturally, the steps by step are additionally simple to follow.

Razer Kraken Mobile Software Download for Windows:

File Download Link
Razer Synapse 2.0  (Windows 7,8,10 64-bit) Download

Razer Kraken Mobile Software Download for Mac:

File Download Link
Razer Synapse 2.0 (Mac OSX 10.6/10.7) Download

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